XY003 Solar Sensor Light

Today I received the XY003 Solar Sensor Light, a delightful outside (and well made) solar wall light which came from Banggood, branded as ARILUX® AL-SL18 1W Solar 15 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light --  https://goo.gl/N532TB – the 15 LEDs give off LOTS of light when required and is a step up from the average while still being reasonably priced. Notably the unit seems well sealed and hence should last.

Solar light

And very well timed. We’re moving into our new (old) home in Wark on Tyne which has had tenants for the past three years and as it turns out, tenants from hell.  When we finally got access to and possession of the house, they’ve maintained absolutely nothing (unbelievable that people could actually live lie that) and all my modern lighting has been left to go to hell. Never again. As I have to start somewhere it may as well be here.

This auto dimming light makes best use of available sunlight and turns off during the day as well as dimming when no-one is around.

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4 thoughts on “XY003 Solar Sensor Light

  1. I've got one of these very units at our holiday home. The first thing I did was remove the "Solar sensor wall light" sticker as I don't need obvious items labelling!. Other than that, I can't find any fault with it.

    The LEDs are very bright - it's a very cool white light rather than a soft white but there's plenty of it The solar panel seems to charge the lamp up well even in non-direct sunlight where we have the thing positioned. As you say it only triggers in the dark too, which is very sensible.

  2. This is second item in live from arilux, I can tell for sure, right now on market this will be nr1 in term of solar garden light :-). Nice and well done construction, ok electronic inside, I have problem with one item and need to request replacement. I seen many other brands using their products, even here in Croatia, but with different brand names.

    Personally I have exact model at home and work nice, plus is battery 18650 inside, if someone decide to go with solar sensor light please look out only models with this type of battery.

    1. G'day from down under.

      I bought (now 3 as one got returned as it would continually turn on then off every 3 seconds or so).
      The other two left, one I pulled apart as it was no longer holding enough of a charge to last more than an hour of the occasional turning on or off.
      The other one, I hung on the side of our caravan while away, no rain got in just morning fog and that was enough to make it stop. I dried it out and it is working again (battery is quickly getting to the stage of reduced efficiency of only 9 months old. Certainly not weather proof in any sense.

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