Zeblaze Crystal 3 Smart Watch

The full title for this watch is the Zeblaze Crystal 3, 1.3 inch Heart Rate Blood Pressure  Smart Watch and it is USB charging and light-weight – also the straps are detachable and one of the receptacles on the watch for the strap is also a USB plug. Dead easy as is the setup with the freely downloadable app “Happy Sports”. The presentation box is really nice.

The watch has a range of 4 watchfaces, handles pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring and tracking, various sports (step count) functions and calories. The slep info is broken down into deep and light sleep. I found it simple to set up and simple to use.

The watch has high precision sensors and up to 7 days battery life (I’ll confirm that later). Did I mention rmote photogrsphy, music control, smart alarm clock, real-time weather and a timer along with bluetooth 4. Charging takes around 2 hours. The manual (unlike some) is readable in English.

Possibly most importantly this is sub-£19 right now with free shipping. Take a look (it’s all in the link at the top).

I must say that like many other smart watches, the display would not be too visible in bright mid-summer Spanish sun but other than that it is fine. Certainly in typical weather in the UK and some European countries it should be good to go. Note how the strap tucks in – a neat trick which others should use.


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