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Pi Zero Suicide

Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad. I hooked up my Pi Zero to a Wi-Pi controller by taking the WIPI out of it’s shell and hardwiring power to the end power connector – and signals to the second usb connector as here.


I then grabbed Berryboot (original, not the Pi2 version) and altered the files as here. http://www.berryterminal.com/doku.php/berryboot/headless_installation 

I made sure that the files were in Linux format (I used Notepad++ which can save in the right format). Popped in the MicroSD…. plugged in USB power to the end connector and… nothing – not even a flashing light.

That’s it. Not a clue what I did wrong and guess what – I only managed to get ONE Pi Zero!

So here’s an update. With the Berryboot code for the original Pi, nothing happens. With the Berryboot code for the Pi2, the little green light comes on – so it is reading the SD… but nothing else happens. As yet I’m not seeing anyone else having managed to get the Pi Zero working with Berryboot.