More Aliexpress Zigbee lights

This week I received a package from AliExpress – some dirt cheap Zigbee E27 lights I ordered on impulse. I instinctively order 12w as minimum as anything lower than that is going to have vrey dim colour LEDs.

AliExpress E14 LED lights

Ok, you take a chance with AliExpress offers and you have to read the fine print VERY carefully to make sure you get what you think you ordered, In this case the bulbs work, they are as bright as any except the best I’ve had at considerably more than 4.89 Euros each including shipping, tax etc as I bought 4 of them.

If I wanted bright COLOURED light I have to say the colours are acceptable could be a bit brighter – but both cold and warm white competes with any similar lights I’ve seen in tht wattage range and not uncommonly, being Zigbee 3 compatible, they work with my chosen Zigbee2MQTT – for easy integration into Home Assistant etc.


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