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ESP-12FThe ESP-12F seems to have appeared out of no-where. It appears to be nothing more than the ESP-12E – perhaps someone can enlighten us. It is cheap, no doubt about it at $2 inc. shipping or around what, £1.32 UK money? This things are now so cheap that the support circuitry around them is now the major cost….

So, nothing concrete but if you want to take a chance, AliExpress have them.


Between that and the SDK v1.4 it’s been an eventful week.

For beginners, there are a host of tiny WIFI-enabled microcontrollers under the generic name of ESP8266 – by ESPRESSIF (they make the basic chip). Variations between the various boards, ESP-01, ESP-03, ESP-07, ESP12/E/F etc. are minimal and involve varying amounts of FLASH memory (RAM etc. is the same in all of them) and different types of aerial, different pinouts etc.

The picture is straight off the Ali-Express site – so don’t take it too literally. If I understand correctly the pins along the bottom are not of too much use as they control the FLASH.