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Raspberry Pi 2 Logging

Here’s a thing… if you’re using a Raspberry Pi as some kind of central controller for long-term home control or other data logging application you will no doubt be aware of the potential issues with FLASH memory. The Pi will let you use Linux and log stuff and shove information into databases but is perhaps not quite as aware of the limits of it’s own Flash memory as it should be? Flash only lasts so many write/erase cycles.

With that in mind I was rather pleased, using as I am the latest RASPBIAN, when I turned on email recently on the Pi, to receive daily emails from the unit along the lines of…

apache2: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: .

I’m not wildly happy about a range of messages I’ve never been able to stop about fully qualified domain names – but that’s just a warning.. however the important thing here – is the logging. This is NOT something I’ve done – and hence I can only assume it is built into the latest setup of Debian for Pi (at least the Pi2)  – clearly, logs are being saved up in memory and dumped to FLASH once a day – which will help immensely to reduce the amount of writing to FLASH – now if I could just figure out how to make it do that with MYSQL (yes, I do use an uninterruptable power supply) I could ignore the desire to strap a hard disk to my Pi (I’ve already done that with the one I’ve left running in Spain).

If anyone has been through all of this AND has RAM buffering of all MYSQL activity, do enlighten us in here.


p.s. Funny old thing the Pi…  so this morning the email turned up with no reference to domain names!!

Restarting ramlog = saving logs to hdd: .