A Quickie on Itead and CE

I recall a couple of questions in earlier blogs about Itead (Sonoff) and CE. Well, they’ve just written to me to confirm that “CE marking on Sonoff products does mean Conformity European, not China Export.” which should set some minds at ease – they also sent me the test reports.

I’m sitting on a Sonoff Dual, a Sonoff POW and a Sonoff TH16 here. Right now my Amazon DOT has turned up – I’ve just got it hooked into their music system and having great fun – next step is to figure out how to get a cheap SSL certificate running on the Pi so I can use the Node-Red-Contrib-Alexa – that will likely happen tomorrow – THEN I’ll get around to dismantling these Sonoff units and let you know a little more about them.


9 thoughts on “A Quickie on Itead and CE

  1. If you’re looking for a cheap cert (e.g. free) to use to play around with your Amazon Dot, look no further than here:


    They’re free but must be renewed every 90 days I believe. Easy enough to set up a cron job to do just that. I use these certs for my own experiements with the Echo and Amazon’s AWS.

    Have Fun!

  2. Good to hear!

    Any idea if the new Sonoff Touch is ESP8266 based like the rest of their stuff?

  3. looking at my SONOFFs it’s not surprising that they meet CE. I don’t think they would if you could get close the low voltage side as the transformer is a bit on the small side for creapage and clearance requirements. but as that is well away from the user.

    i can sleep happy knowing that the CE mark is keeping me safe 😎

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