ESCAM PVR008 Auto-Tracking H265 IP Camera

PVR 008

No, this is not new. Back in October last year, Banggood sent this little, inexpensive WiFi Escam auto-tracking PTZ pan-and-tilt 1080p night vision camera to me and for reasons beyond me I did nothing with it. I’m sorting my stuff to take away with me this summer and I was about to file the camera under “bin” as nowadays I only want to use cameras that support RSTP/ONVIF and just assumed this would NOT. WRONG.

ESCAP PVR 008 IP Camera

Currently priced at £18.48 on Banggood’s site, I could not remember the name of the APP (that’s what the blog is for) and have long since lost the sheet that came with the camera. I plugged in a microUSB lead which I had handy and gave my usual generic Android ONVIFER program a whirl, knowing only that at some point I will have put my usual password for internal devices into the camera – and guess what, it worked immediately.


Ansd there it is – the ESCAM PVR008 – simple, cheap, works well, 1080p – decent output – this is about to get a job…

Escam PVR0008

Getting it working on my PC is another matter, but using Onvifer on the mobile – easy.


21 thoughts on “ESCAM PVR008 Auto-Tracking H265 IP Camera

  1. Hi Pete, not quite clear on what happened — did the camera work using your Android app? Does it work in other control contexts? I’m wondering if it would work in a Home Asst or other Raspberry Pi-based situation.

    1. It works perfectly in the Onvifer App on Android – that is, it produces the videos you see in the blog entry and also takes snapshots. Pan and tilt work, auto tracking works). I cannot comment on other programs like Home Assist as I’ve only tested it on Onvifer for Android. I did try iSpy on a Windows PC so far without success.

      1. I see. I’m interested because the quality and price are very attractive for a controllable camera. I was unaware of ONVIF until I just looked it up (it’s a security device communications standard, for those who don’t know). Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of Android capability here — I’m an Apple and RasPi household. If anyone else reading this has any insight into getting this working on one of these platforms, I’d love to hear about it.

  2. Do these cameras have any cloud connectivity/app features? The product description is kinda vague but it sounds like mostly don’t. They sound pretty appealing as a local camera, but I’m always wary to put a device on my network if it’s gonna punch holes in my firewall and phone home. If they are purely local then I think I might have to order some.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Is this cute looking camera able to provide a view of the outside by looking through a window?
    Also it’s described at “PTZ” but there is no mention of Zoom in the listing.

    1. PTZ definitely refers to tracking – I just checked.Also it seems the APP is P6SLITE – Banggood have a link to a PDF on the site.

    1. Just ordered one £13.96 plus delivery and insurance so about £14.50. We don’t have a big garden but we do have fields fairly close, so we get badgers in our garden occasionally. They love sweetcorn cobs.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I’m considering buying one of these cameras and I wondered if anyone uses it through the tinyCam App

    I’ve been having trouble getting “cheap” Cameras to work with the App, although it’s supposed to cover most configurations.

    The reason for using tinyCam, is it’s the only Camera App that I have found that works on my Android TV.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  5. Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for letting me know, but I’ve gone a different way, I bought three of these:-

    No PTZ but are working nicely outside and I only paid £6.00 each for them (delivered from China). I think they got the listing wrong, but they honoured the Order.



    1. I’m SURE they got the listing wrong. Well done.

      I now have more cameras than I know what to do with – and my two solar ones are working a treat. I need to get onto Ebay and sell my upmarket ones which need power. Sadly Ebay in Spain isn’t quite the same as Ebay in the UK.

      1. Hi Peter,
        I’m sure with your globe trotting, you have all of your cameras set up so that you can view them from home or abroad.

        I’m trying to set up mine to be visible via the Internet, but have not managed it yet. Using their IP address and port numbers I can view them in my browser but even though I’ve set up Port Forwarding on my router, I cannot see them from outside my local network.

        Am I missing something?



          1. Hi Peter,
            Thanks for the link, but that is way beyond me at the moment.
            I haven’t even started with Arduino yet, I bought the starter kit I saw on here, but my wife nabbed it when it was delivered and it’s not going to re-appear until Santa delivers it.

  6. Hi Peter,
    I fancy a solar powered camera, for a spot in the garden which is going to be a pain to get mains to.
    Unfortunately, as I am only “playing” with them, my darling wife isn’t keen on me spending over £50.00 on a “toy”.

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