Fenvi AX1800 WiFi 6 Adaptor

Fenvi Dual Band USB 3.0 WiFi 6 Adaptor

Well, I was doing some 4G testing (covered elsewhere in the blog) and when I realised that my Windows 11 Beelink Mini-PC was not picking up a very fast signal from the 4G router, I took into account that my WiFi adaptor is an old 2.4Ghz-only USB 2.0 version (I don’t normally use WiFi on the PC but I had good reason, so off I went to AliExpress for something more modern.

The pretty box arrived in quick order containing the adaptor and a mini-CD. Does anyone REALLY still use CDs? I’ve not had a PC able to use these for years – certainly not this decade.

Adaptors before inserting the new Fenfv WiFi 6 adaptor - Windows 11 PC (64 bit)

I inserted the adaptor – nothing, no new adaptor, so I reset my PC and tried again. A semi-enthusiastic ring from the PC. No change – still no new adaptor. But hold on – control panel seems to know about it.. see below..

The Fenvi WiFi 6 adaptor

What have I done? “Cumulative Windows 11 available – 1%” – is this going to take all day?

Nope – no difference – the new adaptor shows in devices but not in WiFi – just my old adaptor.

But then – under control panel – network and Internet – network connection there it was, disabled. I ensured my old WIFI was turned off, turned off my Ethernet, enabled the new WiFi adaptor and… it showed it available connections – and in particular my nearest 5Ghz access point, a few metres away.. “connected – secured” Not as fast as my 70-120Mbps hardwired connection but a lot faster than the old adaptor… SpeedTest.net gave me 65Mbps down, 23Mbps up…. I then added in my phone – USB tethering to the router (I’ve blogged about using a secondary source elsewhere in the blog)… and – well, this is not new for my PC but CERTAINLY a record for WIFI on my PC… 140Mbps download, 38Mbps upload.



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