North East Maker Faire 2016

peepsI could not be there at the Maker Faire UK in the Centre for Life in Newcastle – but thanks to my spies – it’s great to see so many people there.

Apparently this couple on the left are into ESP8266 and got some ideas from the blog.  Glad you like it guys and sorry I could not be there. Understand you had a chat with Aidan.

Hope everyone there is having a great time – let us know if you’re looking in.

Meanwhile I’m in and settled in Spain – spent the whole day updating software (and more to go as in many of my older boards there was no OTA software.  Just cracked the problems I was having with PWM on the ESP software and so the repository now along with the .BIN file I made available are all updated. 

And now, while the sun is shining (and it is 23c outside) I’m off to update the rest of my boards.


4 thoughts on “North East Maker Faire 2016

  1. Thanks for the update Aidan. I know this isn’t a problem in Northumberland, but mid-summer temperatures in Japan completely swamp the PIR sensors on my stuff. Trying to see 37C movement against a 37C (or within a couple of degrees either side) background doesn’t seem to work very well. Do you and Pete have the same problem in Spain? Are the newer microwave radar units going to be a viable replacement?

  2. Sorry, just noticed this.

    The project was from a Northumbria University team and they were using some ESP12 modules with PIR movement detectors and temperature sensors to monitor and analyse activity in a house as part of a PHD project.

    I think that the idea was to determine ways in which to increase efficiency in heating, etc. I told them about my Thinking Thermostat product and gave them a few hints!

    Of course, the whole thing was controlled using a Pi with our Node Red setup. The guy had worked with IBM and was going back there after his project was finished, hopefully to work with the Node Red developers


  3. I’d really like to know who these folks are and what they were doing. My eyes aren’t good enough to discern the purpose of the objects on the table, even with a crop-and-zoom. What are they presenting? What are they doing with the ESP8266’es.


    1. Can’t help you as I wasn’t there. AIDAN? Care to comment? I went last year and the faire there was great, people building all sorts of stuff – and encouraging the general public to get involved.

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