Inexpensive 200W Car Inverter

I just bought this unit for the car from Ebay – 200w mains out and 6.8a total over 4 USB sockets,  small and light, too. A far cry from inverters of only a few years ago and for a measly £20 + post.

Car Charger

This was to charge both of our phones using their recommended mains chargers. Since discovering how unsuitable most USB hubs are for charging phones due to their fixed voltage output I’ve started using only proper chargers, usually a problem in the car.

Unfortunately, this otherwise great gadget seems to have been let down by poor build quality because, in use, it quickly developed a buzzing noise. Notice the claim on the box.. ultra quiet fan. Not so ultra-quiet in my case, quite noisy

I wrote to the supplier on Ebay and asked for a replacement and it took two weeks to get a returns number to me and get a refund via Ebay. In fact, I wanted a replacement but thanks presumably to a language issue I ended up with a refund and went elsewhere for a similar purchase. The guy simply didn’t understand “replacement” despite this being a UK purchase.


4 thoughts on “Inexpensive 200W Car Inverter

  1. I’m fascinated how the automotive “cigarette lighter” socket has been re-purposed as a general “car power connector” in the last few decades. It is one of the very few socket/voltage interfaces that is in use world wide.

    1. I then went and bought another – it is absolute rubbish – needs manually turning back on if the car is stopped and started – and has poor regulation and produces unacceptably high levels of interference stopping quick chargers working and interfering with phone keypads.

  2. If you get it going please let us know. I need something like this for my wife’s car.

    1. I just wrote to the supplier to ask for a replacement as there’s what sounds like a loud fan buzzing noise. I think it’s just a production issue. I await a replacement then I’ll let you know. It’s a winner otherwise.

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