SD Speeds and Reliability

For years I’ve been promoting Samsung and Sandisk cards for use with SBCs such as the Raspberry Pi and similar. This article checks out ne A2 class cards and seems to come to the conclusion that the latter hold no benefits – indeed that the Samsung Evo+ in particular is the best choice for general SBC use.

Samsung Evo+ 32GBThe usefulness of SD cards also gets a boost from the news that Raspberry Pi designers didn’t rush to get the (still not working) USB BOOT function on the Pi4 up and running. I read an encouraging quote about Samsung and Sandisk cards there also. 

I plan to move up from 16GB to 32GB cards. I originally stuck with 16GB because the time taken to use Win32DiskImager on the larger cards for backup was prohibitive – with RPI-Clone that isn’t a problem.

Make sure you don’t confuse Evo+ and Evo if looking at Amazon – Evo+ is red, Evo is orange.

Comments and thoughts welcome.

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