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Raspberry Pi Processor Monitoring Widget

Raspberry Pi CPU Monitor

Don’t you just love it when people produce really useful tools for free!! And so it was that I got up early this morning to get a little Arduino/ESP-01 research done and got side-tracked by Google+

And the result – this baby.  This is a tiny piece of software that runs on the Pi and is DEAD easy to install – and on an otherwise unused port, on any browser gives you a more or less real time graph of the 4 cores of the board in action, providing instant feedback as to the health of your Raspberry Pi and how much load it is under. Marvellous.

The funny thing is I was just wondering about the effects of putting my 2 Pis in cases in a cupboard and wondering how this might affect temperature – and here, thrown in for good measure, a means to check that, too!!

Yoiu might want to search for rCPU and Smoothie Charts.