Non-Contact IR InfraRed Thermometer

I just received this in the post from Banggood… looking good but at first I was a bit confused about the access control – according to the box there should be contacts under a quality control label on the bottom – no contacts for access control on mine. It turns out there are two models, one WITH and one WITHOUT access control.

AI Wall-mounted thermometer

The general idea is that of a non-contact thermometer for use primarily I guess in houses and commercial buildings to monitor body temperatures of people coming into the building. This can be spoken and there is also an APP – there’s a QR code in the instructions which take you to a website which then mentions the name AI Temp – and asks for device ID – as does the manual – but I’ve no idea what that is – nothing on the unit, nothing on the box about device ID and I could not find any combination of button pressing that produces anything that looks like a device ID. But read on…

AI Thermometer box

As you’ll see the photos, plenty of info. The “m” on the unit is memory – it can store 99 temperature readings internally. The sound is clear and the display is bright.

AI Thermometer connections

So on the underside, a tripod mounting bracket (there’s a wall mounting hole on the back, also as well as supplied double-sided tape). Left, a USB-C socket, right – 4 buttons including power, mode, up, down. The bottom of my unit has a quality control label, but when removed, nothing but a hole underneath, no connections for access control.

If I mount my AI Wall-mounted thermometer on the wall and bring my face near it, a female voice says “normal temperature” (so I guess I’m not ill) and the memory count goes up. I can switch between degrees C and F and I can look through the stored temperature readings using up and down keys. Long-pressing the MODE key lets me select any of 4 functions including language selection (14 languages in all) – not mention of device ID but read on…

AI Thermometer via Banggood

Pressing + for 3 seconds turned on Bluetooth – my phone BT settings said “Pairing with AI temp” but never completed. I even took out the batteries to see if I could see a device ID hiding in the battery compartment – but no.

HOWEVER, it turns out that scanning the link was the wrong way to do it – getting the APP from the Play Store, on the other hand, worked perfectly – connected to the device no problem and the APP started displaying and recording temperatures from me (with just a little Chinese thrown in for good measure). The APP can also switch between degrees C and F.

The unit can run from the 3 AA cells or from USB-C power – lead supplied.

Shame about the access control but to be fair, my bad – that’s not included in the unit I received – i.e. the “basic unit” as in the link above. There is a fever alarm built-in which could be useful.

My AI Thermometer is now securely mounted on my office cupboard door – anywhere else and the missus would be griping about me fitting more gadgets.

I did promise I’d put up a link to the Banggood Deposit sale – so here it is…

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  1. I had no idea that a product like this existed until now! It covers that handy “middle ground” between a) zapping everyone with a handheld unit, and b) a very expensive scanner.

    I like that it comes with options to switch between degrees F and C (and that you thought to mention that). Plus that you commented about battery/charging options. I was relieved to find out that it runs on AAA or USB charger, and not some sort of exotic battery that would be hard to find. Thank you for a thorough and helpful review.

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