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Wireless Video Camera Doorbell for Home Security or to give it the full title from the Banggood website, Wireless Camera Video Doorbell Home Security WiFi Smartphone Remote Video Rainproof. I love it already.

Recently I opened up this wireless (433Mhz for the bell, WIFI for the app) gadget and to my surpise, setup was amongst the easiest I’ve done for some time. The doorbell itself came minus 18650 (standard rechargeable Lithium) batteries – iwhich I fitted and it seemed at first obvious that the claim of 6 months charge life was over-optimistic – a few days and the batteries were going down, anyway – I fitted fully charged batteries and turned off the PIR which I don;t need – the batteried are on full after 3 days and the actual doorbell works a treat. (While I’m here updating I just saw the cost of the “RING” branded doorbell that on the face of it looks identical – on Amazon – horrendous price – so glad I spotted this).

Doorbell photos

This one is interesting in that even with postage it is less expensive to get from the USA than China though how that affects any duty will be down to where you live. In the UK it seems to be that most low-value packages from China escape duty. When I’m in Spain, I could not possibly consider ordering from the USA as the courier rip-off plus duty would be horrendous (I have at least two stories about that for another day), on the other hand I’m off to the USA in January to see relatives and you can be sure I’ll be buying gadgets from there en-masse (including another one of these for our summer in Spain next year). Last time I was in Chicago I got a Raspberry Pi WAY cheaper than UK pricing – but I digress.

Ok, so I plugged the actual bell into the wall (via a US to UK adaptor (I HATE American plugs with their two-bits-of-tin connectors – but then I hate bulky UK plugs as well. Give me a nice, solid and small European connector any day). It buzzed perfectly first time.

Postman Cam

I then turned on the camera which said in a friendly voice that it was ready for pairing. I pressed the volume control on both camera and bell and the two units connected – now for the App. In the little booklet that came with the camera/bell combo, they suggest you scan a QR code depending on which phone you have. I picked the centre Android Play Store code – and within seconds I had the app (XSH CAM) loaded and running on the phone.

With the camera next to the phone, I told put in the name and password of my WIFI access point into the app (no sign up or other nonsense) and that was it.

Now as you can see the main unit is mounted outside the front door at home in the (wet) UK (2 small screws and plastic rawlplugs) – the bell is just behind where that car is – garage direction so good range – and at the BACK of that outbuilding is where I just took this screenshot – could have just as easily taken it at the local pub.

I’d love to write loads about this gadget but it’s all done, I picked a suitable spot for the bell and mounted the (so far) waterproof camera on the front door. The postman is going to LOVE this (he knows me) – “more gadgets from China, Pete?” – and strangely enough, JUST after I fitted this.. tI was on my own for the day in my (far end of the building) office and DPD delivered another new gadget – so this doorbell is going to come in VERY handy.

Yes, I know I don’t photograph well… no need to remind me. Good gadget though – and cheap.

It’s all working – all I have to do now is figure out how to get the camera to alert me to a visitor when I’m out and about and the phone is in my pocket.

As for mounting – the camera itself has 4 small mounting screws AND double sided adhesive options.

Did I mention USB and micro-SD options hiding in the top of the unit and a security bolt in the bottom. You could of course use cloud storage if you wanted to (or none). For charging, you could feed the unit with AC (16-24v). Thinking about it the batteries will only last a matter of months without charging (no PIR as this eats current) so if you travel a lot, consider AC.

The manual (or booklet – it is all in English and comprehensive) doesn’t suggest this but of course if you have a handy DC supply on the other side of the wall able to put out the same voltage as the Lithiums you could always use that. Thinking about it, leaving a Lithium battery running the show with a slow very slow Lithium charger feeding through the wall might be another way around the (optimistic) 6 months battery charge life.

Good gadget. My idea of waterproof might vary from the standard Chinese definition so I may consider a little silicone around the back.

I’m looking for tech info on using the video stream if anyone has this (the link at the start points back to the product). Right now, I have the spec for the camera including: 166 degree angle, 1920*1080 resolution, IR LED, 2-way audio, motion detection.

Good gadget.


32 thoughts on “Wireless Video Camera Doorbell with APP

  1. Hello Pete,
    2 questions :
    1 : Is the sound correct to talk to your visitor ?
    2 : Have you try to catch the video stream ?

    Thank you to help

      1. try doing a “intense nmap scan” on its ip address to see which ports are open, and take a “ping -t its-ip” to see if it stays connected or goes to sleep…

        mine was sleeping most of the time and enabled wifi only in visitor pressing the button, so a little delay between actual pressing and video starting to stream…

  2. I brought just the bell and managed to capture the rf bell sounds with a rf bridge. Then added buttos in node red. Also set up,a motion pir. Which will play one of the bells tunes when activated

  3. I built a ‘doorbell’ of sorts some time ago and actually wrote it up πŸ™‚
    Take a look at: http://myiot.co.uk/doorbell/

    It worked really well. The latency could sometimes be a problem but I would usually receive a notification on my phone within a few seconds.

    I’ve used Twilio for (SMS) phone notifications previously. It’s great but I ended up with an unexpected bill which I didn’t appreciate. I moved on to Pushover which isn’t free, but a small single payment is required, & you can try before you buy.

    I’ve messed around with a few 433MHz doorbells & can offer a few words of advice:
    They are not always 433MHz despite what it says on the box! πŸ™
    Some of them use rolling codes which can be confusing. It certainly confused me! I guess it’s just a common chip which is used for all sorts of things?

    The devices I was working with transmit 8 different codes cyclically. The receiver will respond to ANY of the 8 codes EXCEPT the last one received, presumably this is to prevent nefarious cloning of the transmitter? Doesn’t make a lot of sense with a doorbell, but maybe makes sense with a lock?

    Quite easy to hack when you understand what is going on, but it took me an evening! πŸ™

  4. I’d be upset if someone hacked my lock – but doorbell? Chances are they would be nearby and I could simply beat the c**p out of them. The camera part does not run on 433Mhz, just the bell, the rest runs on WIFI and I don’t open a range of ports to the outside world – I use a vpn.

    Right now, despite loving my new doorbell, I’m marginally concerned that despite having put in 3 fully charged Lithiums when I wrote this – and turning off the IR light… the battery indicator shows it is at half mast. I do hope that’s just a duff indication as I put this in a stone wall no-where near power. It’s rather neat being able to monitor the front door from the pub.

      1. I’m beginning to wonder if the camera simply has a really ropy battery indicator. The level went fown to 50% and has stayed there without moving all weekend and the whole thing works just fine.

          1. Well, there is that – it is REALLY cold here, but I didn’t use brand new batteries so that theory goes out of the window… they should be fine. Sparky70 made a comment about the PIR I need to chase up and I’ll try to get feedback from Banggood.

    1. HEY SPARKY70 – thanks for the feedback – I have the PIR on low sensitivity – and yes it is killing the battery after just a few days – I’ve yet to try turning the PIR off… don;t actually need it – but keep the feedback coming chaps. So Sparky70 what do you reck for battery life with PIR on? I’ll put chrged batteries in today if it isn’t raining and try with the PIR off.

      1. Hi Peter mine did last longer with out pir on not sure by how much,my draw back on mine is the hit and miss of the cloud service i believe,mines more offline than online,is yours the same?

        1. Hi Tony

          I don’t use the cloud service – it is turned on but ultimately I’ll fit an SD when I get around to it. I use a VPN and call home that way – right now far more of a potential issue is Vodaphone’s unreliable broadband and crappy customer service – so I rely on the cloud as little as possible. I’ve been pondering getting another SIM, low data, no calls (if such a thing exists on the only reliable mobile service in this part of Northumberland, UK – that would be O2 as Voda have NO mobile service up here) as a backup.

          1. run an “intense scan” using zenmap on its ip, report what you get back, let’s see if it has any open protocol usable…

            and search for IOT SIM CARD, in Italy there are a few with very cheap plans, not much data, just for that

  5. I brought one and installed it yesterday. Batteries are down after half a day. No ports open? Got it’s IP address. Anyone fine our much about this unit. Would love it working with node red.

    1. Node Red is my next job – it is working a treat but I dont understand why the battery exhausts so quickly – if you find out let me know – meanwhile I’ll harrass Banggood about it – and I have a charging solution so it’s staying put.

  6. I have over 1300 18650s here so I just keep changing them Peter :’)
    I am in DIY Charger Discharger on facebook. There maybe someone near you with spare 18650s to help you out mate.

  7. I’m not so sure, yesterday I replaced the batteries – and late tonught they are showing 100% – could it have been the battery set? They were old batteries, I know by the colour this lot while still being ex-computer are newer, no more than 5-6 years old… 11:30pm Sunday, display says 100% – I’ll check again during the week..

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