30V 10A Bench Supply Wanptek

Today I received a rather lovely power supply from Tomtop. I have a number of bench supplies but nothing with this kind of power…

Wanptek Power Supply

Nicely packed and complete with UK power adaptor. There was additional packing around this box.

Here below is the supply with a deliberate short on the output… I’d limited the output current to just over an amp but when I first tried it, the short current was set to maximum, i.e. 10 amps.

Wanptek Power Supply

and here it is, off-load with voltage set to 5v (where it will spend most of its life).  This is a solid unit, oddly with no vent holes on the sides, instead there are vents on the front and obviously on the internal fan on the back.

Wanptek Power Supply

The power connection is properly fused but the built in plug on the lead + adaptor leaves the supply with no earth. For my purposes I think I’ll change all that.

The front panel has fine and course controls for both current (up to 10a) and voltage (up to 30v) as well as the on-off switch, LED display and output connectors.

Here is the Tomtop product link… https://goo.gl/U9rSbJ


4 thoughts on “30V 10A Bench Supply Wanptek

  1. That looks like a good sturdy bit of kit. I’m struggling to get past the name though. I had to read it twice and I still can’t type it correctly!

    Wow – only £60 too. It looks way better than the price suggests.

  2. It looks a bit small for a linear PS so I’m going to guess that it’s a switching power supply. Noise is a thing with switching PS so maybe someone will throw a few loads on it with a scope connected and show how good it’s output filtering is.

    1. Every supply I’ve come across recently is switched. My scope is still in storage otherwise I’d do just that.

      1. Yes, they are cheaper so they tend to bubble up. I’ve gravitated to these – https://www.circuitspecialists.com/dc-bench-power-supply-csi3005x5.html

        I had one go out after the cooling fan failed and I didn’t notice. Trouble shot it and fixed it by replacing the output power transistors and fan. When I noticed another one on ebay with the same symptom I purchased that for just a bit over shipping costs( they are heavy ) and fixed that one the same way.

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