A Brave New World… no just a new blog

Good morning/afternoon/evening wherever you are! You may notice that you’re looking at a different site – i.e. NOT scargill.wordpress.com but tech.scargill.net –  and for good reason. The blog has proven popular and I want more control over the site – in terms of plug-ins to offer code highlighting and a boatload of other things – which I simply can’t do using the old wordpress.com site.

So can I ask you to do me a little favour – if you are by any chance on the old site ( don’t think that’s possible but you never know) – or if you’ve been here before, please ensure you are set up with this site to receive emails on new topics etc. from here  otherwise you might miss something interesting. I’ve done the best I can to set up automatic redirection.  I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and for those of you who have contributed in the past your input is REALLY welcome and I hope you will continue to contribute on this new site.

The visuals may change over time as I tweak the content but hopefully the layout is simple enough to find what you need. The site should also be a lot more useful on a mobile than before due to the responsive nature of the template.

Any problems let me know.


Pete Scargill


2 thoughts on “A Brave New World… no just a new blog

    1. Thanks a lot Bill, I can tell you it took some courage to make the move with so many conversations going on in the original blog but I just didn’t have enough control over plug-ins etc. I hooked up Google stats last night and there’s something there already, 300 visits last night so that’s a start.

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