Bakeey R16 Smart Watch

This is a quick writeup about the Bakeey R16 music control IPS screen smart watch with heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen monioring as well as the usual sports mode, sleep monitoring and more. It is a winner and I’ve no idea why I didn’t blog it when I received it – but as they say, better late than never. Really easy to use as well.

Bakeey R16

Why now? Well, . I have no record of writing about this watch which (I’ve just checked) is currently available yet which I received some time ago – but I’m just about ready to let my grandson have it as a gift and the box has no mention of what the make or model is. No problem I thought – I’ll consult my blog (which will have the watch name andd app name – no chance.

Bakeey R16

So, I told the freely downloadable Android APP (Da Fit) to forget all the watches it knows about and go looking for new watches – that did me no good – so next, having charged the watch I reset it (easy – touch the screen once – then long-touch it to get a submenu which includes reset) . The next thing I knew, the app had found an “R16” watch – so off I went to the to find an R16 – turns out it is the Bakeey R16 – I checked by changing watchface on the APP and sure enough the new watchface appeared on the watch itself. A roundabout but very easy way to set things up – I have no idea why this is the first record I have of it, but it is a very nice device and at the time of writing, around £25 .

I suggest if you find this interesting, you take a look for a complete set of photos on the site link above – and if somehow you manage to find an earlier entry in the blog for this watch – my apologies for the repeat.

The R16 comes complete with English instructions and a USB charging lead

You can get the specs from the link above – but for quick partial reference… IPS true colour screen, scratch-proof metal frame, sports pedometer, calories, heart rate, blood pressure, incoming calls, bluetooth camera connection, sleep monitoring, alarm reminder, music control, find phone, weather, blood oxygen, water resistant.