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IoD-09 Display from 4D Systems

tmpEEA6You may recall some time ago I reviewed some displays from 4D Systems – using an ESP8266 together with a touch display – and very nice too.

Well, the company just sent me one of the new IOD-09 displays and it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

You will possibly be familiar with the little OLED displays I use a lot from the likes of AliExpress and Banggood (or Ebay for that matter) – the SSD1306 based units. They are amazingly small – but if course you then need a Nano or ESP8266 to drive them – boards invariably larger than the display by some way.

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4D Systems Gen4 IOD

My wife’s Chumby is on it’s last legs – and was about to go in the bin until along came a fortunate coincidence to save the day.

ChumbySome time ago, 4D Systems sent me one of their LCD touch-screens. As many of you know I’m interested in the range of boards that ITEAD do with intelligence built in – all you have to do is talk to them serially and send commands – they also send serial back when defined areas are touched.

With that in mind, 4D sent me one of their boards to test. Well, thanks to one thing or another and it got put to one side, until this weekend…

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