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ESP8266 Mesh Experiment

MeshIn case anyone else (like me) has been sitting on the shelf over this one – and would like to have a go at an ESP8266 mesh… we’ve been having a play.

Regular readers may recall I wasted the better part of a year with those AWFUL NRG24L01 boards trying to make a mesh and ultimately getting no-where – indeed I think it is the mere existence of that board that drove me to the ESP8266.

Fast forward to December 2017 - take 3 ESP8266 modules, run the same code on each of the three, attach a LED+resistor to GPIO12… take ESP8266 modules for a walk. One is in the house, one in the office out of range, the other in the middle sitting on my car in the freezing cold.   When all 3 are talking to each other you’ll see 3 flashes in quick succession…

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