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Pocophone F1 with Pixel Camera

I’ve had (and used constantly) my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 for some months now and hence I can speak with some authority on the subject. For those unaware of this smartphone, it comes from Xiaomi who produce a range of phones as other tech gadgets of note. Though not their TOP phone, the Pocophone is something of a flagship product for them and it certainly stands out in several ways from the (rather large) crowd and has had many positive reviews.

Pocophone F1 by XiaomiThere are two main variations, one with 64GB of storage, the other with 128GB. As far as I can tell, the Pocophone is available in black, red and blue.

My F1 is 64GB and black. It would be nice if it was 128GB and red, but I was in a hurry when I bought it and I’m not REALLY complaining as I have a range of decent (and variously coloured) backs for the phone and in the unlikely event that I ever run out of storage I can always add microSD storage.

Those readers who store videos on their phones may feel differently. I tend to stream whatever I need.

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