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K88H Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

In the latest postbag: K88H Smart Watcha black K88H smartwatch from Gearbest. This truly is one of the better choices in the low-cost smartwatch space.

First of all, it looks lovely.  Unlike many smartbands, the battery will easily outlast a day, I’ve not had it long enough to be more precise. Not only that but the touch-charging connection is magnetic, won’t easily dislodge and looks solid. Here’s the link -

The watch has a solid metal feel to it, is not overly thick, has a nice smooth screen and brilliance is ok for outdoor use. But this isn’t just any old heart-rate monitoring watch, it can also dial out and receive calls using your mobile phone. A number of watch-faces are built-in too. The black leather strap has a quality feel to it.

You can easily download the FunDo Wear app for Android or IOS and this is used to pair the watch to your phone. Watch packaging was unremarkable but solid and the MTK2502-powered watch comes complete with charge lead which plugs into any USB supply.

Heart rate monitoringHow about sleep monitoring, “Siri” (not a lot of use to us Android users, the watch is able to talk to both Android and Apple phones), heart rate and sedentary monitoring, voice memo, stopwatch, motion control, calculator and (obviously) clock. The watch has a choice of 2 GUIs and 3 theme options.

The strap mounting is standard and hence if need be can be replaced.

I found Bluetooth connection to be finnicky but that could well be my phone. My only gripe is one common to most of the cheaper watches – no real warning when the battery is about to die. My Samsung Gear 2 gives me several hours warning and reduced brightness before giving up bu then it does cost £200 – the K88H costs under £30

Overall, at the price this looks like a winner up to now.