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SQLITE3 Raspberry Pi Problems

I KNOW I’m not the only one who has issues with SQLITE3 in Raspberry Pi and Node-Red, so next time it happens to you… here is some invaluable info…

I just used the lines below on a Raspberry Pi 4 upgraded some days ago to Raspbian Buster from Raspbian Stretch.

As user PI… go to the /home/pi/.node-red directory

npm rebuild sqlite3

Be warned – the rebuild will throw out several warnings…

That’s it, nothing else, just those 3 lines exactly as above. Will take several minutes for the rebuild to complete before you restart node-red.

But REALLY – the answer if possible is to DITCH SQLITE – this nonsense hs been going on for MANY MONTHS…. it is the ONLY  package that gives me constant grief like this.

I needed to write that down – I didn’t invent it, but Node-Red hung up on me again, in the past it was when using Raspbian Stretch, now days after an UPGRADE to Raspbian Buster (not a new install – but thanks to Antonio I also have one of those as well)….