15 thoughts on “Credit Where Due–MQTT Logger

  1. Well, it certainly has some uses I can see.

    It is only a 32bit app which isn’t ideal and isn’t signed which makes Windows 10 nervous understandably. It also tried to automatically create a link, I’m guessing on the desktop which fell foul of my advanced security settings 😉

    But it works and I like the grouping and filtering. Not really all that useful if you have JSON payloads though. Also, I think you can only connect to a single MQTT broker? I use 2 at the moment.

    Still, more useful than the busy MQTT-spy UI if you just want a quick overview of a single broker.

    Connected to my live HA system, it is currently using 126MB after 5 or 10 minutes and very little CPU. Seems to peak and then return to around 110-113MB. Naturally, this is creeping up as it logs more data.

  2. Hi Phil, I had exactly the same situation with Kaspersky anti virus, It detected supposedly malicious code in the .exe file. Probably a false positive but it made me wonder what anti virus software people were running who got the software to work properly. I haven’t had time to try it again, perhaps by somehow telling the AV the software is OK. Kaspersky deleted it from my system.
    Kaspersky which I use on six machines has never been any trouble for years. I do not know if it is possible to send the software to Kaspersky and get them to check it.
    I also left a note on the authors GitHub but to date have received no response.

  3. Antonio and Peter, I had, prior to posting on this blog done exactly what you suggested and posted the issue on the authors Github. I was not complaining either, I simply posted my experience to date on the basis it might help others, because it is clear not everyone is having a good experience with this software.

  4. I am having problems installing the software. Did anyone who has run it successfully do anything other than download the zip, decompress it, the put the resultant folders into a folder on the C drive as esp-now-projects and then click on the exe to run it? When I do that it shows an error ‘Cannot access device\path’ and then the exe file disappears. I’ve tried it both as normal user and admin.
    I too have run the brilliant MQTT-Spy for years ever since Peter first referred to it.

  5. After your suggestion, I loaded MQTT-Logger onto my Windoz 7 box.

    After a week of running, I have had no problems with the program

    I have a very busy MQTT net, with some 35 devices, running my off-grid home.

    So I rate it 5 stars…. Thanks for the recommendation !!!

  6. Well, I use MQTT Spy and have done for years. It is very good. However, I installed this software after Antonio (Mr Shark) suggested it. Connected immediately, no problem so possibly something up with your setup?? I have a username and password on my RPI based Mosquito broker.

  7. Hmmm… can’t get it to connect to a broker on local Raspberry-Pi and it takes an enormous amount of running resources on a reasonable laptop with 64-bit Win7. In fact, it is *so* bad, I have to terminate the process to get anything else done! I like the concept, and I’m sure it would be great if it works, but a bit of a fail for me at the moment. I might try on a Win10 machine and see if it is any better.

    1. Seems just as bad on Win10. Locks up the computer ; appears to run multiple instances, and uses >50% of available memory resources. Besides, it just will not connect to my broker. Not a well behaved application at all! Removed it and I’ll stick with MQTT Spy which is very good.

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