Death by flossing? the Fairywill FW-5020E Water Flosser

Fairywill FW-5020E Water Flosser from Banggood

. Two things I’ve always wanted but never got around to buying: one of these water irrigators and a bidet.

The later is still on my todo list and will probably remain there, but I’m pleased to say, I now have my very own water cleaner at last – in fact WE do – because there are spare heads galor included in the box so my wife can use her own (and if we can stop him from scratching us to death, so can our cat Simba). And it’s a beauty.

I’m not ENTIRELY joking about water torture, when I first turned on the USB-chargeable, battery-powered Fairywill device this morning (it arrived fully charged) it powered up running full strength (there are three settings which for now I’m calling amateur, semi-pro and masochist).

I’m not kidding – just as yoga exposed your weaknesses, the Fairwill exposes the reality that my nice, easy to use ultasonic toothbrush isn’t actually doing as good a cleaning job as I thought. I opened the box, filled the unit with cool water and turned it on.

I would have noticed that the water was, surprisingly, NOT uncomfortable, had I not been obcessed with the torrents of blood coming out of my mouth and into the sink 😢

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea, my wife didn’t suffer the same fate, as, unlike me she’s not on blood thinners which make me bleed just that little bit more easily… however, there’s no way around this – I’ve clearly not been doing a good enough job with the ultrasonic toothbrush – no doubt another week or so of using the FW-5020E should sort that out.

What else can I say? this thing comes complete with EIGHT black heads (4 of them with white sections for easy his-and-hers division). The two buttons are for on/off control and mode (see settings above). There’s a nice warranty card and a manual (which I’ve not yet used as, surprisingly, I wasn’t born yesterday). Oh and a USB lead with a special small and neat fitting for the flosser end. The rest are just lights to indicate mode.

Fairywill FW-5020E Water Flosser from Banggood

Did I enjoy my first torture session? Not quite what I was expecting. Will I keep using it? Hell, yes. That was an eye-opener.

Taken to soft mode, I expect a nice, easy ride – but doesn’t that defeat the point of a flosser? I’m sure eveyone will have a different viewpoint – I intend to keep going until using this device becomes second nature and my gums accept this as normal routine.

What else – does it make a lot of noise? No. As for size and other vitals – see the link above – it’s all in there. Filling with water is a simple matter of opening a seal near the bottom of the unit and topping up with tap-water (in our case filtered, as our tap-water is full of calcium, the very stuff the flosser will help remove).

See the Banggood link at the very top of this article for more information.

Couple of things of note: the 300ml tank is detachable for easy cleaning and the unit itself is waterproof. GOOD idea in the link – “use during bathing or shower” – I should have thought of that before pebble-dashing the bathroom 😍😍😍

Ok, cracked it – DEEP, SOFT and MASSAGE. I’ll avoid the latter for a few days I think until I get really into this. Call me a wimp but SOFT will do for now.


13 thoughts on “Death by flossing? the Fairywill FW-5020E Water Flosser

        1. Well, not withtanding price discussions – I just tried the link at the very top of this blog entry (no need to search) both directly from here in Spain and via VPN back to the UK and both worked just fine.

          Sorry I don’t have a VPN to the states right now.

  1. Same, just got one on ebay at 19.99GBP, did say Fairywill FW-5020E Water Flosser and also said FW-5020A in the blurb…..everything else looks the same though.

    1. Ok, I get the message – I’m going to drop Banggood a line and query the price. I should get a job with Fairywill though – obviously a winner one way or another 🙂

  2. Hi Peter
    Second hand? eBay item 284360131757?

    Description says :-
    New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging’

    1. I’ll have to check that and if they are overcharging I’ll be the first one to tell them, – but then you are assuming everyone is in the UK. I’m currently in Spain and buying from UK post-brexit – Ebay just doesn’t add up after adding duty, post and extra rip-off. A friend of mine recently sent me an old router as a present – free…. guess what Spanish customs did – charged me 30 Euros or so for the pleasure – cheaper to get stuff from China.

      However I WILL follow that up. Got a link?


    2. Your Ebay ad – that appeared second hand – the same model next ad in – brand new £36.29 and if you are out of the UK – in my case (not unusual) “seller may not ship to Spain”

      Nope, seller would NOT ship here.

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