ESP 32 Update

An update for you. As you may know the ESP-32 is Espressif’s latest venture, a new, hopefully more powerful alternative to the ESP8266 – with Bluetooth 4 and all sorts of other goodies.  I received my ESP-32 module this week along with 0.1” header adaptor board. All very nice you say but what to do with it. I’m still waiting for Espressif to provide a simple diagram for programming – i.e. what pins on the adaptor need pulling up/down and when…  no point in experimenting when you don’t have a backup. (Update: See below).

tmp2D54AND they are all out of beta tester copies – but the GOOD news is for all you budding Windows programmers (like me) – there is a PRELIMINARY copy of the unofficial development kit sitting on my desk waiting for that pin-out info. I got in touch with Michael Grigorev, developer of the fabulous “kit” for Windows which gives us the Eclipse editing and compiling environment without having to dabble in Linux commands… and he is indeed developing an ESP-32 version… sadly because he missed the boat on the beta program it looks like I might have to send mine over to Russia! Well, chicken and egg – can’t program the chips without an environment – got to be hard to make the environment without the chips! Currently the test environment compiles a “hello world” program – ok, not a lot of use but it’s a start.

Finally – our thanks to reader NELSON for bringing this to our attention – just exactly what is needed to start the ball rolling!!!

The pin-out of the adaptor board provided to beta testers is pin mapped to the ESP-31 (which is a kind of engineering sample of the ESP-32 and there are unlikely to be significant differences between this and the final product). The only exception being that pin 19 on the baseboard is grounded – to pin 15 which is out of sync, all other pins follow the ESP31 as you’d expect.


If you know more, do let us know in here.


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    1. Thank you very much Nelson – blog updated accordingly – sorry you don’t have one… I’m sure before long they will be coming out of everyone’s ears!

    2. Thank you for that Nelson – 2nd glass of wine – earmarked that for somewhere after the grandkids open presents and dinner tomorrow….

    1. Ok, here’s the thing – I screwed it up – too many months using ESP-12s. I immediately corrected it – then realised the permalink still said ESP-12 – so I fixed that. I even checked it – then it wasn’t until you wrote that I noticed it STILL said ESP-12… hopefully now it is corrected. Please do write back if not – I have visions of my service provider frantically restoring from earlier versions and not letting on 🙂

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