Happy New Year


Just wasted part of the day trying to get Python 3 working properly on an upgraded Raspberry Pi 2 updated from Wheezy to Jessie without luck – very depressing – so I think an early night (yes, on NYE – having seen the fireworks in Moscow and the “special” fireworks in Dubai I’ve had enough for one night Smile

(Update: I did get it working – I have TWO Node-Reds in there now but the latter one works).

So – to everyone  – lots happening soon, more reviews, new interesting kit, more new ideas and hopefully more exciting feedback in the new year!

Thanks to everyone looking in and I’d like to point out that I regularly go  back to older posts and update if I think something is hopelessly out of date so do look around when you’re in here, I don’t think the system sends out emails for such updates.



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Pete,
    Happy new year to you as well.

    I enjoy reading your blog and it keeps me trying new things, I hope to do more on my own blog in 2016 probably mostly around Node Red, ESP8266s and my new 3D printer.

    Best Wishes

    1. Go on then – tell us about your new 3d printer. When I looked at these things the results were a bit straw like – are they good enough yet to make pro looking cases for projects?

      1. Hmmm… They will never beat a properly injection molded case in quality and price ea. but I can dream up something … design it and try it out all within a few hours, it’s brilliant.

        I got an XYZ Davinci junior from Ebuyer when there was £100 discount so I thought £199 for a 3D printer was worth a try and so far I’m not disappointed.

        I downloaded a RPi case from Thingiverse and printed it at medium quality and it’s pretty good.

        It uses PLA not ABS and I’m quite impressed with its durability I also designed a cable tidy for some flat USB cables I have and a tube to mount some IR sensors on for my air rifle Chronograph project and it’s great.

  2. Pete,

    Sincere thanks for posting all your thoughts, experiments, discoveries, rants, ramblings, triumphs and frustrations; they have been extremely informative. I wish I could devote more time to similar projects, but at least after a few days of floor laying and shelf fixing I now have a dedicated lab/workshop in the form of half the spare room, so my hobby, equipment and projects can come out of storage and live on a desk as ‘work in progress’ rather than continually being ‘got out’ and ‘put away’ again! Who knows, I might be able to start blogging about my own creations!

    Best wishes to you and your better half for 2016.

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