In case anyone was thinking I’d fallen off a cliff..  I’m waiting for my Orange Pi PC to turn up so I can find out if it works of if the doubters are correct. In the meantime I’m working on my script to install everything but the kitchen sink – and learning a lot about BASH scripts – things like how to stop someone entering Control-C when you want them to select Y/N,  how to clear the buffer so your script is not entirely screwed up by accidental key presses – etc. How to put the script in pretty colours, how to make sure passwords aren’t messed up – the list goes on  -anyway, right now I’m just starting another 1 hour+ installation and waiting to see what I’ve done wrong this time.

I will put the script in here later on with an explanation  – once I get it to actually work correctly – so that’s why I’m not writing about ESP8266s etc.. Meanwhile I’m wiring up my Pergola with RGB strip when it’s not raining. More on all of this later.



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  1. The only reason I mentioned it was because I’m exactly like you when it comes to Linux, everything is new, strange and needs to be learned. Though I think I’m much more of a noob than you.

    The one thing I have learned about these SBCs is the community behind them is more important than the hardware, especially if you need to be shown how to do pretty much everything like me.

    I’m going to be buying one soon and have come to the conclusion it’s going to cost a lot more than I want to spend but it’s mainly because of reading this blog I have my requirements set in stone. SATA port, quad core, 1GB RAM, and most importantly lots of tutorials/guides on how to use it.

    Good luck and if anyone can work through problems I’m sure it’s you ?.

    1. I think Adam that you have hit the nail on the head… it is the support that matters and there is a lot out there for the Pi (though I have still to see an article on running mysql in RAM and updating the SD overnight – but maybe I’ve just missed it). I’m glad my writings and those of readers in here has been useful to you.. that’s part of the point of doing it. Anyway check in soon, the Orange Pi can’t be that long now.

    1. Hi BC – another motherboard – but this time way more expensive. I’m more than happy with the power of the Pi2, it’s size, it’s low power consumption and cost. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way committed to the Pi (I never touched the first model) – first alternative that’s better and cheaper gets the job… but it does seem to be a good compromise… and if I want a hard disk on it, that’s easy to do (one of them sitting here is running a 2.5″ drive and has been for months). But thanks for the link, others may find it useful.

    1. So the simple answer to your question Adam, is no, I didn’t check – it was an impulse purchase. The link you’ve sent is dead but I stripped it back to their forum and apart from the usual competitor “hey your product doesn’t work” I didn’t see anything. It should be here any day and if it doesn’t work, trust me I’ll shout it through the rooftops. I’ve spent the past few days on a learning kick about Linux BASH scripts and I have a script now to set up a PI with the tools I use so I can (apart from filling in passwords part way through) sit back and install over and over… I think I should be able to do a fairly good job of telling if the Orange Pi actually works. Sit back, relax and watch me possibly waste a few quid 🙂

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