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This is a quicky because normally I only post about stuff I’ve spent far too much time on – but in this case I’m going to talk about a new(ish) APP in the Android Play Store. While playing with Tasmota on my home IOT system I just HAPPENED to stumble on Tasmota Remota. By mentioning this – I’m not doing this for anything but altruistic reasons – there’s nothing the guy can do for me in theory.

In practice this APP lets you easily control many of your Tasmotised devices on your mobile phone and in some respects it is WAY better already than the “competition” like Node-Red-Dashboard and many other alternatives but still early in development – I really think if you use Tasmota you should give it a go and if you don’t like what you see, TELL ME or better, tell the AUTHOR.

If he keeps listening and I keep firing suggestions based on my years of wasting time on APPS which promised to cover all bases but never made it due to the authors knowing better than their customers – well, you never know. The fellow is a Brit, based in France, I’m a Brit, based in Spain – good start…

So why am I bothering to mention Tasmota Remota here in the blog? I downloaded the APP out of curiosity and was WELL impressed with the speed of feedback from the author – who basically made this APP as a work of love… I then suggested various modifications and improvements – and guess what – within days the APP was updated on the Playstore – what more could you ask for?

I can’t give this a full review as we’re SMACK in the middle of selling our UK home and that’s where I set it all up – soon, I’ll have Tasmota Remota controlling some of my stuff here in Spain.

For no good reason I think I need to promote this fellow in this blog entry to encourage him to keep going. I encourage other Tasmota users to take a look at the free version and see what you think.

Speed of development is exceeding what I can currently keep up with due to our change of circumstances – so any feedback is welcome.

Take a look – he even hooked me on DARK mode, something I’d not thought of until brought to my attention.


14 thoughts on “Just a Quicky – Tasmota Remota

    1. @DavidVT – I’ve just opened it up to allow installation on large screen Chromebooks, (it may take a little while for Google to update the scope) I hope it works OK for you David. Please let me know, as I’ve never tried it on a Chromebook. … Rob.

      1. Rob,
        Thank you for the effort!
        I was able to install the App tonight on my Lenovo Chromebook.
        I tested at my hotel via wifi using tailscale back to my home.
        I was able to scan and load my home tasmota devices that are still on my normal network. I have to figure out how to add my IOT network to tailscale so to capture the main devices
        Nice application sir!

        1. Great news David, thanks for letting me know that all is OK. I’m pleased you like the app, and don’t forget to give it a rating on Playstore … if you haven’t already 😉
          Thanks again!
          As usual, I am open to any suggestions for improvement!

    1. @N J Holland – Please play with it, test it hard and let me know of any areas that you feel need fixing or any suggestions for improvement, I’m always listening!
      Many thanks for looking at the app, you can contact me direct by email if you prefer … tasmotaremota@orange.fr.
      Thanks for your interest! 🙂

  1. Great! … and thanks for the welcome 🙂

    I’m looking forward to any and all suggestions for improving the app from you and anyone else who tries it out.

    Recent changes have been more visual than functional, but just for info, the peripherals/devices supported (so far) are … Sonoff IFAN02, POW, POW R2, Gosund SP112, Shelly 2.5 Switch, ShellyPlug S, DS18b20, SR04, AM2301, SHTC3, DHT11, S17021, BMP280, BME280, BH1750, HTU21, LED Lights (1 channel thro’ 5 channel) LED’s display a specific set of slider controls for each type of LED (the recognised types are… “W”, “CT”, “RGB”, RGBW”, (RGB-White Split Mode “RGBW1″/”RGBW2”), “RGBCT”(RGB-White Split Mode “RGBCT1″/”RGBCT2”)) and upto 8 Relays per Tasmota Device.
    New peripherals are being added as a demand arises.

    The Power Monitoring Devices have linked graphs showing Consumption by individual Power Device, by a Group of Power Devices and a Total for all Power Devices. Also, if the app is activated at least once per day (or left on continuously) a Live Power Graph for each Power Device is available that updates every 15 mins.
    Consumption history is saved locally in the app database, and can be exported as a CSV file.

    The app has many functions, and I am sure there will be many more added over time!

    1. Καλημέρα from a brit living in Greece. Will certainly give it a try, including remote controlling something in our UK house over a ZeroTier tunnel. That’s on a different subnet, might involve some experimentation.

      1. Thanks for giving it a try 🙂 If you need any specific help, please feel free to email me directly.
        Let us know how your experiments went.
        If you do need to use two subnets to access all your devices, this should be possible as each device can have its own address in TasmotaRemota if you enter them manually (long click on a Group Title to access its Group Menu to ADD a device to that Group).
        Alternatively, you could have a seperate backup (.TAS) file for each location, then simply import the required TAS file for the location you wish to control.

    1. Hi DrFragle,
      I’m the writer of the TasmotaRemota app, and Pete has kindly forwarded your comment to me.

      The main purpose of the app it to allow users to control their Tasmota devices “without the need for MQTT” and its server etc. so, I’m guessing your comment was maybe a little “tongue in cheek” 🙂

      … Basic Overview.
      The app scans the LAN for Tasmota Devices using HTTP requests.
      Devices can either be scanned for (LAN only) or their details can be manually entered, if the manual method is adopted, you can then take advantage of VPN, 3rd party DNS servers, Port forwarding etc to control your devices over the internet. There are more details about the app in the Playstore listing.

      If there is any feedback or improvement requests, I will now monitor all comments submitted here, or feel free to contact me direct via email (email details are shown in the app’s Playstore Listing.).

      1. oh, pleased to have you here 🙂
        indeed, i just missed that line in app description 🙂
        i’m just so used to use mqtt, as i’ve my server in cloud, so each of my devices in my home and my parents’ can access it, so going via mqtt (like me and Pete do in TDMGR) allows to have each of them in one shot 🙂
        btw no problems in the way you’re going in the app, i just added them all at once (at my parents’ home) via network scan, very fast response from them, too
        i’ll play with the app and let you know eventual suggestion, thanks for now!

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