Koogeek FG5 Bluetooth Smart Massager

Some weeks ago when we were still in Spain I got a call to say my new Koogeek Bluetooth massager was on it’s way. Well, it never turned up and I forgot all about it, so imagine our surprise today when we opened the mail to find an unexpected set of Apple-like Bluetooth headphones, only to discover after several attempts to fit the earphone pods on our ears (in the car during a shopping trip) that the package that arrived today was NOT in fact a set of Bluetooth headphones but the long-awaited Koogeek massager. A friend of ours in Spain had kindly shipped the package on to the UK.

Koogeek Massager

In the process of all of this shipping, the battery, on opening the package, seemed absolutely flat so I gave the pods a good charge to be safe, using the supplied micro-USB lead. The unit is called the FG5, which made it all the more confusing when, after downloading the Koogeek Android App, the only related device I could see was the BT-1 and so I was not too surprised when attempts to mate the unit to my phone appeared to fail.

Koogeek packaging

I’m not new to confusing Bluetooth setup instructions (normally on smart watches or Bluetooth scales) and so I was just about to give up when I noticed that, after all, the phone and FG5 pods were mated and talking, at which point the phone app displayed a panel indicating that the system was ready for me.

Koogeek app for AndroidI eagerly connected the adhesive pads and pressed the two units onto my wrists, selecting (in the absence of instructions) what looked like the sedentary easy option, lowest setting (1). How exciting!

I pressed the START button and… I swear the FG5 tried to KILL ME with a powerful electric jolt. At this point I was so glad I didn’t fasten the pods to my NECK.

Having now had a pal  test the Koogeek Massager. here’s the link – https://www.koogeek.com/p-ksfg5.html

And having gotten over the “shock” I’m planning to test this handy gadget on my shoulder which has been markedly uncomfortable and weak for some time now due to an injury sustained after my stoke last year (no I’m not ancient). I managed to “subluxate” my left shoulder and the muscles have never been the same since. You never know, this sports massager might just improve matters.