More Trivia – Blitzwolf BW-FUN11 Humidifier

It’s a while since I had a new humidifier and I can never resist an opportunity to kit out the house with more pretty lights.

The Blitzwolf BW-FUN11 is another of those humidifiers that generates cold “steam” using ultrasonics. Early humidifiers (not to be confused with dehumidifiers) were effective but often ugly – including one I made myself – if you’re interested, take a look back at this 2016 article in which I created my own humidifier from scratch using nothing more than an ultrasonic init and other stuff I had lying around. The point of doing this of course was to compensate for air-con which tended to dry out the air beyond the generally recommended 45 -55% range for health (and happy printer paper).

A lot has happened since I made my own unit – and there are lots of inexpensive domestic humidifiers on the market including this neat unit from Banggood formally referred to as BlitzWolf┬« BW-FUN11 100ml Mini Aroma Oil Humidifier. (Well, I added the last word on myself as their titles aren’t always spot on) – anyway the point is made – they can make the room smell nice as well.

So what do we have here? An inexpensive, USB-powered (lead only supplied, you need your own USB supply at 5v, 1A or thereabouts) RGB, adjustable-power humidifier. In practice, any pretty colour you like or a slowly changing sequence – and full on humidification or intermittent (15 seconds on – 15 seconds off- repeat) – that’s it. And critically, at least to my ageing ears – it is silent (a reminder if you’re new to this – NOT steam – no heat generated – just room temperature water vapour thanks to the magic of ultrasonics). And no, the cats don’t object.

Blitzwolf Humidifier with and without the top on

Firstly then, on the left and below, the closed unit running silently, consuming it’s supply of liquid – see the link above for options – you can add a little aromatic oil if you like – no doubt my wife will). Full on, the unit will run for 4 hours – or 8 hours in intermittent mode.

Lighting can be off, a static colour or continuously varing colour (the latter will do me) and lovely colours they are. For the full marketing job, see the link I put above but I’ve not missed off anything important.

The Blitzwolf BW-FUN11 looks very nice – not at all technical and it works well. Best NOT to overfill or run it with the top off if you want to avoid annoying your partner or dampening the table or both ­čÖé Here it is taking pride of place along with my 3D shark and dolphin near my living room comfy chair. I hope you can clearly see the steady stream of cool mist coming off the top (centre). It looks more interesting in real life than in a static photo.

To refill, the top simply lifts off.

If you’re in Texas right now, I can imagine you might not see the point in adding more cool moisture to the air, so apologies for that… for the rest of us – here in Southern Spain for example, even in February with some overnight moisture outside, once that sun starts beating down, during the day, it gets pretty dry, pretty fast. Also, in my office the air-conditioner keeps the air, if anything, a tad too dry almost all the time., often below 30%

Back in the UK Northeast, years ago, I was often more concerned about keeping the humidity DOWN below 60%, as much higher than that is definitely bad for expensive printer paper! In this case, I’m happy to say that out in the hills North of Granada, high humidity is rarely a problem.

The Blitzwolf unit, then, is far better looking than my first DIY humidifier back in 2016. Note the fan, invertor (and LED supply), metal tube and inside, the ultrasonic transducer in my version – I was so proud at the time. The while thing cost more in parts than the Blitzwolf SELLS for. Mind you it could blast out the steam:-)

My DIY humidifier from back in 2016


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