Ravpower Goodness – their 30W 2 Port Wall Charger

I’ve written about Ravpower in the past several times – I like their stuff. Another item that just arrived for me but has actually been sitting waiting for me in the UK since Christmas (thanks to lockdowns etc) – thank you for the samples Sun Valley – so this won’t be a full review – because of Covid delays this is no longer new news. The USA plug is simple enough to bypass but more importantly – the Lightning lead for Apple – and I’ve not used Apple for ages. That said it is worth mentioning that Ravpower have sales on at the time of writing (I think a lot of stuff has sold out) probably worth a look.

So there it is… Product number is RP-PC144 for the charger and the USB-lightning lead is product RP-CB054 – not worth photographing the Lighting lead – it IS high quality but I don’t think I can test the iSmart output without a suitable Apple product.

The PD output (as seen in the photo on the left) on the other hand outputs 5V@3A or 9v@2A all the way up to 15v@2A automatically depending on the load – and the unit is quite small and nicely rounded.

After finding a suitable USA/EU adaptor, I attached a handy USB-C to USB-C lead to the RP-PC144 and the other end to my PocoPhone X3 – which immediately began fast charging. Within 5 minutes the indicated state of the phone battery charge had gone from 13% to 26% – lovely.

Again I’d like to shout out to Sun Valley who sent me loads of gera in good faith around Christmas time and we’ve only just realised it’s been stuck in the UK all this time.