Rechargeable Cordless Air Duster – Heaven for Engineers?

Banggood just sent me a and I LOVE it. After a lifetime in electronics, I can’t begin to tell you how many cans of compressed air I’ve bought over the years. Back in the UK, being a business, we would shop at Costco – and as well as cheap hotdogs and lovely ice-cream, they always sold triple-packs of compressed air branded “Dust-Off”. Over the years this went from cheap to “reasonable” – but then when we came to Spain, that was the end of that. The Dust-Off product doesn’t even seem to be available here (I’m guessing that’s because it is American and Spain seems at odds with USA imports).

I’m not for a moment suggesting the Dust-Off product is perfect – I used it for cleaning PCs and other electronics but the cans trend to freeze rapidly so you really need at least two of them unless you are VERY patient -but compared to Dust-Off, products here in Spain are expensive. I bought a couple of cans of “ewent” which doesn’t last long and is even more expensive.

201 Air Blower versus Dust-off and Ewent
201 Air Blower versus Dust-off and Ewent

“Imagine my delight” when the new “201 Air Duster” turned up, already pre-charged. The unit uses internal (supplied pre-fitted) 18650 Li-Ion power and comes complete with USB-C lead (you can never have too many of those). Also supplied is a fine nozzle and a wider one with a brush – interchangeable of course.

After accidentally scaring the life out of one of my lazy sleeping cats, I set about testing the cleaner on our wood-burning stove at which point My wife Maureen took over – she loves this device already – sorry – it’s MINE. There are two buttons – one to turn the powerful fan on and off and another to control a useful spotlight. The 201 runs cool despite it’s considerable blowing power.

SO, I’ve not charged the 201 but have cleaned just about anything that moves (it turns out the unit has 2 speeds) and the battery is still fine. It seems that one version has 6000mAH of battery, the other has 15000maH capacity – I wasn’t even aware there were two options until now.

Mine says 6000maH on the bottom. Well, there’s no chance of disappointment with that battery – compared to air cans which would be freezing up by now – I’m seeing no sign of the duster slowing down after cleaning all my gadgets – screens, keyboard, laptop etc. See my YouTube video example below

Uses for this? Well, apart from PC screens and computer equipment, desks etc., I’m using it to clean out the new Robot Vacuum – AND to blow up the air section of our new Bestway pool – who would have thought!?!

Filling up a Bestway pool
Filling up a Bestway pool

4 thoughts on “Rechargeable Cordless Air Duster – Heaven for Engineers?

    1. WAY better than canned air though the latter usually has a slimmer outlet. But this will keep going continuously and not freeze up unlike the cans…

  1. Didn’t notice a filter. If I spot any issues I’ll comment back.I’m charging the unit right now to see what it does on a full charge. All good questions though.

  2. This looks like a terrific thing — thanks for posting this. To me it basically looks (and sounds) like a reverse vacuum cleaner. From your video, the thing that would concern me the most would be the possible buildup of static electricity; this is a major concern when using an ordinary vacuum on electronics. Do you know if the brush is conductive? Also, does there seem to be any kind of air filter on the intake, and if so, do you have a sense of how effective it is?

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