Rock T20 Universal Multi-function Dual USB Socket

Rock T20

The Rock T20 is a travel socket with a difference (info in the link but as Steve below in the comments says, this is now discontinued on the Banggood site even days after I received mine – a shame as it is a nice adaptor and they don’t seem to have anything similar – BUT the product does seem to appear on Ebay UK if that helps).

Rock T20
Rock T20

Not only does The Rock T20 accept Australian/Chinese, American, European and UK devices and plug into the same range of wall sockets – it also includes an internal power supply feeding two USB sockets at a total of 3.4A (2.4A max per device).

On the box it states Model JY-303S and maximum power of 880w @110Vac. 1840w @ 230Vac with a fuse rating of 8A (max).

There is a LED indicator above the USB sockets and the unit is fused with a spare fuse. Select the power pins you need with one of 3 sliders – and one button push to retract – and that’s about it – really cute, well made with a good finish.

That’s going in my travel case. I like it.


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