Rubbish plug-ins

Another rubbish spam plug-in – apologies to anyone who’s been trying to comment this morning – I really do not understand some of the people that give stars to WordPress plug-ins. I used an anti-spam system that got high ratings – and it would not let people comment – when I went on the web, loads of people with blogs had the same issue. It’s history now, I’ll deal with spam by hand until I find something that actually works…



4 thoughts on “Rubbish plug-ins

  1. I’m going to have to go through this systematically at the weekend I think. In WordPress, everthing was done using the standard setup that they provide,,, in a standalone environment as I’m in now, it’s up to me to pick the right plug-ins to do the job. I’ve already fallen fowl of anti-spam plugins which mess up some folk’s browsers (now removed). If anyone is running a WordPress blog and has a standard set of plugins they know for a fact work I’d be happy to hear from them. I did try some code to give users access to a wysiwyg editor when commenting – but it killed Microsoft Live Writer stone dead!! Can’t win 🙂

  2. Hmmm! I think the tick box allows subscribing to further comments on a post. What I had before was a subscription to your posts, i.e. an email when you posted a new subject. I have registered but still don’t see this option. Is it automatic that registered users will get such notifications? Did you change the service? I observe that the text entry boxes, e.g. for registering, have a larger font size than the size of the window to type it in. This is true in Safari on an iPhone and Chrome bowser on a Windows 7 laptop.

  3. Is this why I have stopped receiving notification emails for new posts? I thought you had been unusually quiet! Then I visited your blog and read many posts I had missed. I can’t see how to (re)subscribe for email notifications for new posts.

    1. Hi – you SHOULD find a tick box at the bottom of comments – also you could register on the site. I’m still feeling my way around this 🙂

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