SOOCAS X3 Electric Sonic Toothbrush

SOOCAS X3 Toothbrush

A good start to the week, I think. Today our new “smart” Soocas Electric Sonic toothbrushes arrived in the mail and very nicely packed they were.

This interesting sonic toothbrush (with APP) looks well made – and after the boring colours of my regular old non-sonic Braun electric, provides a refreshing change.

The toothbrush has 4 distinct modes of operation and comes complete with USB charging station – rather handy in case you are out on the road where no mains supply is available – the downside is you need some kind of USB supply – or a wallsocket with USB. Come to think of it, from a safety perspective, that’s not really a downside.

The X3s arrived 60% charged – and apparently the heads will be good for 3 months of typical use.

Update February 2, 2021
A couple of weeks ago we ordered replacement heads, they arrived today.

In fact the existing heads that came with our soocas toothbrushes are still perfectly fine despite being squashed in the ultrasonic toothbrush cleaner, nearly 5 months after getting the tooth brushes. However, nothing lasts for ever so it is worth having spare heads.

The Soocas toothbrush outer box comes in subtle floral colours and contains the simple message “I saw you – smiled warmly – the world began waking up”. The inside boxing simply says “SOOCAS Sonic Electric Toothbrush”. On the back, the message is in Chinese and English and describes the X3 as being the Pink USB Edition. As both of ours are the same I can’t comment on other colours. Aside from the rated power of 2W there is very little other information and the instruction booklet came mainly in Chinese.

I quickly grabbed the SOOCAS APP from the Android Play Store and this explained everything in English – operation is simple – one metallic pink button and several lights including pretty mode indicators, green power and blue Bluetooth indicator.

SOOCAS X3 Toothbrush

Cleaning modes include “cleaning”, “sensitive”, “gum care” and “custom”. I like this already.


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