Sothing PTC Shoe Drier and Diodoriser

Sothing Shoe Dryer from Banggood

Something new… when you are stuck in the house for weeks on end with no sun (Northeast of England – under lockdown) and instructions to wash clothing and hands whenever you are planning a grocery shopping trip, it certainly comes in handy (and cheap) to have something to dry your shoes 🙂

I asked Banggood to ship the dryer to me, not having any idea if it would actually be of any use, however, the Sothing PTC Electric Shoe and Boot dryer from Banggood actually does seem to do the job.

I’m not sure about the timing as the unit I received had no timer that I could find, but I plugged it into the mains supply – it turns out this takes only 20w so I figured it would be ok to leave it on all day, so I did. The unit did a good job. It is also pretty.

In fact, not only did my shoes need a wash but I had to scrape red floor paint off them as well and I thoroughly expected at the end of the wash and dry scenario to have an utterly destroyed pair of shoes. Wrong. They’re just fine.