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Status update

GaleraIt may seem like I’ve been quite the past week – but having arrived safely in Spain we’ve had lots to do.  However I have done some updates to the “home control 2016” blog entry as I’ve implemented some fixes to the node-red-contrib-esplogin node.

For those of you unfamiliar with this – the idea is a node-red node that updates a bunch of ESP8266 modules with time and date info as well as dusk and dawn timings. It does this on power-up of Node-Red, on demand from individual units and every 12 hours – except it wasn’t doing it every 12 hours. It is now. Here’s the link for those interested. The node itself also now has much better status information and help. http://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-esplogin

cludgeMeanwhile I’ve been struggling with rubbish broadband back home in England as the router failed every now and then to reconnect. Aidan and I have implemented a solution using one of the ESP8266 modules which will check Google every minute and if it gets nothing for 10 minutes will reboot the router.

new layoutAidan is working on a new version of the home control board with a couple of minor improvements – the connection for a Dallas temperature chip is now a 4-pin job suitable for the Dallas chip or the DHT-22 and we’re also putting on-board an optional RGB serial LED as the status LED on the board uses all sorts of flashing convolutions to indicate state and we thought it might be nice to use colours instead. There  is still a question mark over simultaneously using PWM and sending serial data to LEDs and that is being tested right now.

There’s a significant update to the ESP8266 source(home control 2016 project etc.) as I fixed a minor silly in my watering system code. https://bitbucket.org/scargill/esp-mqtt-dev and added a load of improvements including a serial RGB indicator LED

Meanwhile I’m sitting here on the edge of my seat waiting for a new Nikon camera to arrive so I can make best use of the excellent weather out here in Andalusia.