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Korad KA3005D Bench Supply

Just a quick one here as it’s all in the video below. This is about the  Korad KA3005D Bench Power Supply – a nice solid unit able to provide up to 30v at up to 5a.   I had visions of some lightweight switched job – but no – a honking great transformer inside.

4 memories, voltage and current limiting AND optional cut-out, fine and course controls for voltage and current and – not expensive.

All in all very nice – but for two things – no English manual (but that IS available online) and it came with two power cables neither of which were British – but apart from that – spot on – see what you think. Anyone got one? If so how is it working for you? I wrote to teh manufacturer about M5, not only did they send me an up to date manual but immediately cleared up the question about the M5 indicator (as did readers of the blog and video).  Select memory M4, turn the dial to the right and you’re talking to memory M5.

Yes I’ve had the scope out – 5v 4 amps – the output hardly budged (a few mV) and no appreciable noise output.

Using a meter I trust (for now, until my precision voltage reference turns up),  the output from the power supply off-load was in all cases within 0.22% of my meter reading!!   On the 5v out setting, I applied 2.33 amps load and the output voltage dropped 0.41%

Again at 5v, with a 4.66 amp load, the 5v output dropped 2.01%

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