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Memory use ESP8266

Can someone explain this to me..

I’m using the ECLIPSE environment in a PC and only starting to get to grips with the MAKE files – I really still don’t understand most of what’s in there.

I’m looking at the MQTT installation which is one of the easier ones (I don’t understand why the likes of the LUA compilation throws out 18 million lines of un-decipherable gook while the MQTT files churns out very little – only showing you what you need to know about – i.e. errors).

So I understand how non-volatile storage is being done – at the segment 3C000  (I’ll probably get the number of zeros wrong  but that’s not important here).. So we blow some code at 0000, we wipe a little bit at 3C000 – which seems utterly pointless as the startup routines check a checksum at that area to see if it needs wiping/updating…  and then more code at 40000… now that last block seems to fill up rather quickly..

It not possible and indeed more sensible to start at 00000 and work all the way up in one block, leaving, say some blocks at the top free for non-volatile variables. I’d give this a shot myself but I need to understand why everyone splits up the code like this leaving a huge chunk of (unused?) memory down near the bottom.