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Before we start, here is a link to the PIVPN site http://www.pivpn.io/ also to Pi-hole: https://pi-hole.net/ and thanks to Loic74 - https://marcstan.net/blog/2017/06/25/PiVPN-and-Pi-hole/

Like most normal people I find the subject of backups and secure VPNs to be torturous and boring. I’ve covered backups elsewhere since discovering the absolute importance of being able to do them easily but only now have I discovered the fun and relevance of having my own domain blocker to stop some of the ads coming in.

Recently, after months of on and off investigation into VPNs (mostly off) I stumbled across PIVPN. For the majority out there who are turned off by the subject… this is REALLY, REALLY easy and the PI does a great job of being a VPN server while doing other jobs. It also easily handles Pi-hole and hence can do blacklisting and whitelisting for your whole network.

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