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Special UK quality

Is it just me or do others find this kind of thing annoying? I thought it might be a good idea to get a PCF8574T I2C I/O expander as a little add-on to the home control system, so you could plug it into, say GPIO4 and GPIO5, losing 2 outputs – and gain 8 – net gain 6 outputs…

So off I went to Ebay – and clearly being a Brit I’d like to support British companies.  I wonder what extra value the UK version would bring? I’m currently in Spain as many of you know.. aside from customs (which would not apply at this price) and tracking…

Chinese version (and not untypical pricing).

Chinese PCF8574T

UK version (not seeing any extra gold-plating).


Not surprisingly I’ll be ordering from China – keep eyes peeled in a couple of weeks or so for blog updates on this.