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Raspberry Pi Monster Script Part 3

I’ve updated the script – gotten rid of MYSQL – too many questions about SD life – and I have to say, SQLITE3 – though slightly different takes mininal modification of SQL assuming you’re doing things like logging of data and relatively straight-forward queries – it really is worthwhile. Apart from admin there are no passwords as it is not meant for massive, multi-user environment on a big server – it is meant for jobs just like this. The file is a simple file that can be moved about and it works well.  Even my PHP queries took only minutes to change to work with SQLITE3 and recent PHP versions support it directly so no need for extra libraries.

I’ve also taken out RabbitMQ in favour of Mosquitto as I needed websockets compatible with THINGSTUD.IO and RabbitMQ wasn’t having it – so after a lot of messing around I finally got websockets and Mosquitto running together and compatible.

Finally I have added support for speech – SERIAL and GPIO – all of it works. I’ll put Node-Red examples on the blog as time goes on.

“The Script” – has since been updated considerably and you should refer to this article