Tarantula 3D Printer

Tevo Tarantula Printer

I’ve been putting off updating this one as I had some issues – but finally decided to release a part 1 video of the package opening and starting construction.

So this is about the low-cost Tevo Tarantua Prusa I3 3D Printer Kit from Banggood with 200x200x200m printing size and 0.4mm nozzle – which uses 1.75mm dia, 0.25kg filament – in this case PLA.

As things stand right now, having completed putting together this inexpensive kit which took a good day,  I then tested it using ABS material, unsuccessfully due to lack of experience and ended up having to remove (with difficulty) a super thin coating of ABS from the base and learn how to feel violently ill with nail varnish remover at the same time. I’m sure once you’ve messed around with 3D printers for a while, putting a kit together and getting it going is a breeze but for me, totally green on the subject, things didn’t QUITE go as easily as planned.

If you notice any mistakes in this paragraph it is because my head was spinning from excess Acetone (all very nice saying keep a flow of fresh air but it was pouring with freezing cold rain out there).

The video pretty much covers putting this unit together – but now, a long time later, we’re trying to print something using the recommended PLA filament, but not the material supplied as that was a little brittle but some Robox PLA. Here are the links to Banggood…

Tevo 3D Printers — http://bit.ly/2JJ4h91

Wholesale 3D Printers — https://goo.gl/QxuXjK

EU Warehouse —  https://goo.gl/QceUQM

And the printer is now extruding the PLA successfully but we cannot get the flow accurately enough to print something. Work in progress.


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