USB-C to USB 3 Adaptors

Seen these? If not, you might find this useful. Sure all the new portable kit today comes complete with USB-C – but what if your computer isn’t 100% up to date? Still using USB 3? I am, so when I found myself with a spare 7-in-1 USB hub, I figured “That could be useful on the side of my PC”.

Baseus Mini Type C female to USB male adaptor from Banggood

The only problem was I have no USB-C on my PC – to the rescue, simple USB-C to USB 3 adaptors. I recommend keeping the odd one as a spare if nothing else. That’s a Mini Type-C female to USB male adaptor converter to give it the proper title. Banggood sell these 5A fast-charge capable converters – I love the last line of the description “Aluminum alloy and do no nasty”.


2 thoughts on “USB-C to USB 3 Adaptors

  1. PEte,

    Is this the adaptor you were looking for to do more testing on the Lark Box you got back in early November?

    1. Larkbox, I got no-where with the manufacturer on wake-on-lan or auto-power-up – others asked too – the company don’t seem to care (or their English is really poor, one of the two).

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