Worx WX240 4V USB Mini Screwdriver

Worx Lithium Screwdriver

What’s exciting about a Lithium screwdriver? Basically not a lot, but if Banggood had simply wanted to send me the bits – I’d have had them… you can never have too many screwdriver bits. Anyway, the Worx WX240 4V USB Mini Screwdriver certainly ticks the right boxes – as usual I’ll let you (if you are interested) check out the link above for the technical spec, availability and price.

I’d just like to briefly say that with USB-C charging (and watertight cover) this screwdriver gets off to a good start for me – I can save the lead for another day and use one of my existing USB-C leads. I have some difficulty with screwdrivers as my manual dexterity is less than perfect. I can grip this unit easily with all 4 fingers thanks to two rubberised pads and “forward to go forward, back to go back” with my thumb. Speed is fixed at a sensible 250r/min.. There are a pair of automatically-activated white LEDs on the front which continue to operate for maybe 15 seconds after using the screwdriver.

Worx Screwdriver kit

There is a 3-LED battery state indicator and a button which is supposed to adjust torque – could be me but while selecting 1, 2 or 3 pretty green LEDs, it didn’t seem to do much for the torque – in any setting I can only barely slow the screwdriver down with my finger and thumb. My screwdriver arrived fully charged. As for the kit, there are 25 bits which include the usual plus security bits – in all, a useful set which will find daily use in my workshop.

The only unknown is how long the charge will last – I’ll come back to you on that. The box is sturdy so I’ll keep the kit in there.


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