Xanes X1 Waterproof Smart Band

Xanes X1 Band

The X1 is a low-cost bracelet but easy to use, could be a winner. Here’s the full title – . Banggood sent this to me along with a Heija B1800 which I’m struggling with (“location fail” is all I could get out of the app for the latter which also gripes about my network). No such issues with the Xanes X1.

As you likely already know there are a million low cost sports bracelets, watches and bands out there and picking out the gems is not easy. Now, I don’t expect you’ll be able to read the image below but at least you’ll get an idea of the level of information I got with this gadget from Banggood.

The APP is called DaFit by “Crrepa” and despite the odd-sounding name (be nice!) – works easily. The band was paired up in seconds. Do I have any gripes about this nice-looking band? Yes – it’s not very bright and I can’t find a way to adjust intensity. Only 3 (nice enough) watch faces so this is not going to change the world, but then the price reflects that.

The images at the top tell you what this thing does, blood oxygen, pulse, blood pressure – even my WAY better and more expensive Mi4 doesn’t do the oxygen levels. It also does sleep. sports and – yes, it of course it tells the time. In case the images below confuse things, there are no Chinese messages on mine, which shows Bluetooth, battery and the date instead.

And yes, the X1 IS waterproof – I just tested that the hard way, piping HOT tap water… and yes, the band comes off and hence is replaceable.

Xanes X1 colour options

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