AWOW A60 E27 9W RGBW lights and Tasmota

Setting up RGB lights to work with Tasmota is not always as smooth as it might possibly be. Check here and you will see in this Tasmota template, a clear reference to the AWOW A60 E27 9W RGBW light

So, simple enough, apply the template?

{"NAME":"AWOW 9W RGBW","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,37,40,0,0,38,0,39,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Well, yes and no. Red, green and blue LEDS work perfectly – but the white is not WARM as claimed on the box, nor is it anywhere near acceptably bright for a white bulb using the existing template. Not even close to 800LM as stated on the bulb, not half of that.

I stumbled on an answer, not THE answer but AN answer:

{"NAME":"AWOW 9W RGBW","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,37,40,0,0,38,41,39,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

That is, I added PWM5 to the equation (41). See it? Now the WHITE light is around 2700K and BRIGHT as it should be. But the Tasmota controls look odd.

Look at an identical light NOT reflashed and so using the original “Smart Life” APP. That works well and has a bright 2700K white. It has no white temperature control – so I guess the box description needs work.

The Tasmota version with my modification does all of this BUT there’s a white temperature Tasmota control which in this case doesn’t seem to belong there. What does not help is that as well as stating 2700K white, the box also states “Tunable WHITE” so the lamp’s own instructions are conflicting. How can it be a fixed WHITE temperature AND tuneable.

Awow Lights

For now, as the Smart Life App does not claim to give this lamp white tuning capability I’ll settle for anything that keeps the bright warm white and makes that colour tuning control go away. Ideas anyone? It LOOKS like PWM1,2 and 3 are just fine other than colour brightness level.


Here’s what the controls look like…. that yellow slider below should not be there…. but when changing from colour to white it is actually needed in this case. If anyone has these lights and wants to run Tasmota on them, please check that out and feed back comments…

Tasmota controls

Overall, these AWOW lights… “not worth a light” I’d say. Too dim, I could get a fixed warm white but no cold white option and when switching to red, for example, compared to other lights out there, brightness level was abysmally DIM. NOT recommended.


5 thoughts on “AWOW A60 E27 9W RGBW lights and Tasmota

  1. I tried flashing Tasmota to my AWOW bulb using tuya-convert. Unfortunately, I did nog manage to do that. I see a “Device did not appear with the intermediate firmware” message in the log. Did you had to do anything special to flash Tasmota?

  2. tasmota web gui is just for debugging or general help during setup, not to be used day by day (this is what tasmota people continue to answer when you report them something weird about the interface)… so, you need to use home assistant, for example, or mqtt topics to manage its full power…

    1. You should never HAVE to use HASS. On my main setup I will not be using HASS for some time. It is very complicated as you know – anyway that is a flaw in the template – I just have to find out what it is as the settings are somewhat inter-dependent (I know, but they are just PWM – but there is an interaction for some reason).


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