Bakeey 8-in-1 USB-C Hub Docking Station Adaptor

This inexpensive does everything – HDMI out, RJ45 network out, TF, SD, a pair of USB 3 outputs and two USB-C outputs – one of which is for power charging (PD – or POWER DELIVERY). This slim unit has USB-C input. In fact the only thing wrong is my PC. It turns out you need a particular USB 3 feature (DP ALT MODE) in order for such adaptors to let you use USB 3 for an HDMI output – a feature myDell PC apparently doesn’t have 🙂

Bakeey 8-in-1

However I can see this adaptor coming with me on my travels as my little Windows 10 tablet has only one USB-C connector and this will give it all the expansion it needs while fitting into the outer sleeve of my tablet case.