Bakeey Fabric Protective Case for Pocophone F1

Christmas could well be arriving early, I got more post this morning… first off the new case for my Xiaomi Pocophone F1 which, I may add (and thanks to Antonio for reminding me to upgrade) now also has Android 9 Pie.

Bakeey case for Pocophone

I didn’t have high expectations as many of these cases look great in the ads but then look like crap in reality. This one really looks nice and feels solid. Link over the break.


The first photo is a stock image to show the cover on a phone. The second photo is mine. That’s not damp in the pic above, it’s a trick of the light. The cover really does look lovely.

To give the case it’s full title here is the Banggood link:
Bakeey Fabric Protective Case For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 —